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Yorkshire Blankets

Eco Friendly

Our beautiful eco friendly wool blankets are all made in Yorkshire, from surplus yarn at the end of each week. These yarns previously went to landfill.

Each blanket is individually hand cut and finished by ourselves. The blankets are constantly changing colour depending on the yarns used in the mill that week. Each roll of blanket is unique and never repeated.

We hand-make home wear, accessories and clothing from these yarns in Yorkshire.

We are a family business from Barnsley who make everything with lots and lots of love.

How we started

In 2013 I left my job in banking and embarked on this blissful blanket adventure. People thought I was bonkers but I loved the blankets and knew others would too!

Yorkshire Blankets attended their first ever Christmas craft fair at a local school and they went down an absolute storm. I was so pleased I put my name down for all the other craft fairs the following year, to be told I was banned! Yes, Yorkshire blankets got banned from their first ever craft fair. Why I hear you ask? Because hand cutting the blankets alone was not enough to be ‘hand made’ and other stall holders had complained about this in envy of our success.

This got us thinking, what could we make from these beautiful yarns? That’s when the cushions and lavender hearts were born. Each one was lovingly hand stitched. We then progressed to using an ancient sewing machine, which we dug out from my mum’s loft, which she had previously used to sew up my school skirts so without revealing my age, we are going back some time!

From there onward it spiraled and we have designed and invented all of the products you see today. We are so proud of how far Yorkshire Blankets have come, as a small family run business from the heart of Yorkshire.

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